Kind words from former clients

Details-254“We keep a box of Kleenex beside our album. We’ve never before seen such beautiful, story-telling images of our families and loved ones.”

– Nancy Morin | Albany NY


“Paul’s artistry and vision will tell our family’s stories for generations to come. I can’t think of a more precious or priceless gift.”

– Jeanine Somers | Tonronto, ON


“When planning our 2012 wedding my wife and I didn’t see eye to eye regarding wedding photography. I’ll admit, to me… it all looked the same and seemed over priced for what it was. Jennifer (my fiance) came to me one evening and basically pleaded that we go with this one Rochester wedding photographer whose work she had become obsessed with. She said she was willing to forgo a wedding dress just so we could budget him in, so I knew this decision really meant a lot to her and later that week we met with Paul. I can honestly say that I get it now and my wife was right, of course… But seriously, I grew up never caring much for photography, especially photographs of myself. Paul’s work… I don’t even know how to describe it, it’s just… art, it’s real, it’s alive and it’s the first time I’ve ever been emotionally moved by an image. Paul is a wedding photographer like no other.”

– Nick Clark | Victor, NY


“His wedding photographs just reach right in and rip your heart right out.”

– Carolyn Price | Nashville, TN


“Rochester is a city that’s known for photography. RIT turns out hundreds of top photographers on a yearly basis, so there’s an overwhelming number of photographers to choose from, and I think me and my husband must have looked at all of them – it was an exhausting process. When we discovered Paul’s name via a close family friend we were practically in tears upon viewing his web site. I had extremely high expectations of what I wanted my wedding photography to be and right before my eyes every last one of those expectations were exceeded. Paul photographed our wedding six years ago and not only do I return frequently to my own wedding photographs, I’m continually return to Paul’s web site to view the weddings that Paul has documented since mine.”

– Victoria Krimms | Syracuse NY


“In this life-time you get to meet just a handful of exceptional souls… Paul is one of them.”

– Maria Borrego | Santiago, Chile


“I was unable to attend my grand daughter’s wedding due to my health. The kids were sweethearts enough to stop by briefly on the day of, but I missed so much. Four weeks later Amy visited me and brought with her an iPad to show me her wedding photographs online. I felt the surge of so many emotions as she clicked from one image to the next – I was dumfounded, speechless… I know that technology has come a long way since my wedding day, but oh my goodness… what a brilliant artist and photographer Paul is. I’m so pleased to know that generations to come will be able to experience the love of their family and their family’s’ lives this way.”

– Martha Sheppard | Newburgh, IN


“Paul is one of the best there is. Our wedding day would not have been the same without him.”

– Gina McBride | Atlanta, GA


“Moments after viewing Paul’s website I turned to my fiance and said… why would anyone who sees his work even look at or consider another photographer?”

– James Shuster | Rochester, NY


“When I think about the most talented and creative people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting, Paul comes to mind before all others.”

– Sarah Shoemaker | Rockland, ME


“Forget talking about Paul’s national geographic level photography. It’s obvious the man is one of the best at what he does. Paul as a person, not a professional or a businessman, yadda yadda, but Paul as a person is what really won me over and will remain with me among the memories of my wedding day. He was like a big brother and a best friend to me. I was an absolute wreck at the salon and my girls were delayed, so I was basically alone for the first couple hours of my day. Paul put down his camera, sat beside me and just talked to me like a friend – he totally calmed my nerves, distracted me from myself and even shared a mimosa with me. Before I knew it my girls were there and the day moved forward, but Paul was always conversational and attentive even while making pictures. The man is a machine, but most importantly, Paul is a very kind and caring individual who truly loves what he does and cares about his clients. I was even tempted to send his mother a thank you note :)”

– Nicole West | Liverpool NY


“It unbelievable to think that one man with a camera… a wedding photographer… could touch so many hearts and impact so many lives ”

– Alicia Vecchia | Rochester, NY


“Out of all the wedding photographers in Rochester there is one who stands out and whose work speaks for itself. After you hear those words, nothing that any other photographer or their photographs has to say compares or even matters.”

– Anthony Ruiz | Rochester, NY