Spring Photography Sabbatical in Santiago and Atacama Chile

Hola everyone – I just returned from an exciting excursion to Chile!

After every wedding season, I like to treat myself to at least one overseas sabbatical and this year the destination was South America!

My girlfriend, a group of Toronto friends and I first absconded to Santiago, where we submersed ourselves in the local culture; traditional Chilean food, everything from empanadas and Parrillada (a grilled assortment of meats, sausages, and entrails) to yummy desserts like Dulce de Leche (caramel-like confection) and home made pistachio ice cream! Needless to say the wines were exquisite – especially the Malbecs.

After a few days in Santiago, we decided to caravan it to Termas de Colina, which is a naturally occurring hot springs nested in the Andes at nose-bleed altitudes – I’ve never seen a bluer sky in my life! The springs were near boiling and incredibly therapeutic – like taking a dip in a hot tub, but with 360 degrees of jaw-dropping mountainous backdrop.

For the last leg of our trip we flew to San Pedro and camped out in the Atacama desert where the view of the stars was so surreal that we were rendered speechless as we stumbled around with our heads aimed straight up repeating the same lines… “no way…” “oh my god…” and my favorite “this has to be a green screen!”…

Under a canopy of infinite and majestically illuminated space, we warmed ourselves around a campfire eating empanadas and coal roasted potatoes . Not even Speilberg could have topped that experience – it’s just something you truly have to see/experience for yourself and I hope you do!


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